Social Norm Analysis

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There are many different deconstructions of social norms in our society, terms that we have found “normal” in the past that has changed over time. I believed this changed overtime because I read a theory in article called “Gender role schema” by Sandra Bem, in this theory she believed that children learn their gender roles from their culture ( "Gender Roles and Gender Differences."). It’s based on child environment to help figure out its gender and roles. I believe the society social beliefs and the cultural factors play a big part in children. But is Gender one of the most sensitive topics in our society today. This is a sensitive topic because we have three different types of genders today such as biological sex which what you are assigned at birth such as male or female. We then have…show more content…
In our society we have structure social norms on gender and its roles whereas men are supposed to be men and women are supposed to be women. So when a man decides to be woman and woman decides to be man to our society it becomes deconstruction of our social norms. This is a deconstruction norm because people start question things, discriminating, and start stereotyping because it’s not considered “normal” to the society. Another piece of the theory on “Gender role schema” is called “social typing” ("Gender Roles and Gender Differences."). Social typing happens when boys do or have certain activities or responsibilities that girls don’t. For example from the 1950’s to the 20th century gender roles had shifted drastically. Back in the 1950’s men made the decisions for the family they were the Alphas and supposed to work, or go to college and provide for the family, whereas

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