The Chronicles Of Narnia By C. S. Lewis

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With over a hundred million copies sold, the Chronicles of Narnia is a classic children's book that has impacted the __________ . Born on November 29, 1898 in Belfast, C.S Lewis abandoned his faith as a child and thus became an atheist. After a profound conversion experience, Lewis matured into one of the greatest and most known apologist for the Christian faith. Shaped through his occupations as a professor at both Cambridge University and an associate at Oxford University, C.S Lewis wrote a vast collection of books, including the children series The Chronicles of Narnia. Due to its ______ and unthreatening approach, the Chronicles of Narnia provide the reader with a different framing of Biblical text. These books also allow individuals who have not read the bible to biblical themes without being in your face.…show more content…
As the goal of this essay is to effective communicate and explore the presence of the Bible in popular culture, it seems proper to focus solely on the Christians themes presented throughout the books. The reason as to why these particular book are the main topic of this essay is that The Chronicle of Narnia, a series that impacted the lives of countless children, is an important literature in popular and modern culture which has shaped the world. Through his intentional and unthreatening use of the Bible C.S Lewis has been able to construct an imaginary world which

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