Analyzing Sandra Cisneros 'An Only Daughter'

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Brittany Bowyer English 111 9/12/14 I’m An Only Daughter Too. In the essay “Only Daughter” the author Sandra Cisneros explains what it was like growing up, as the only daughter of six sons. Not just, the only daughter, but also the only daughter of a Mexican father and Mexican- American mother. For me growing up as the only daughter with two-step brothers, this was hard for me to understand what was so miserable about that. One of the things that I liked that Sandra put in her narrative was the “Background on gender preference” this allows the reader to gain a better sense of how Sandra felt growing up as the only daughter, and how she was treated because of it. The “background on gender preferences” that Sandra added in her narrative, gave some really good examples, on how family’s, like Sandra’s valued a son, much more than a daughter. Such as, “A stupid son is better than a crafty daughter” (Chinese), “A house full of daughters is like a cellar full of sour beer” (Dutch). I’m in no means agreeing with these quotes, but they give a better understanding to the reader on how a son in many cultures are valued more than having a daughter. Not only in Sandra’s culture, but also in the Dutch, Chinese and other cultures as well.…show more content…
I grew up with two brothers and was never treated unfairly, or with less respect. If anything I was treated more like a princess, and was held to a higher standard to some degree to act, and do better. My parent’s have always encouraged me to get a college education, so that I could get a good paying job, and support myself. Unlike Sandra’s situation, my parents wanted me to go to college learn something, and earn a degree, not to go just to find a

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