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The Need to Implement Proper Dress Code in Negros Oriental State University-Bayawan-Sta. Catalina Campus in Promoting Decency Among the Students of the College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences is one of the constituent colleges of NORSU-BSC. The college provides undergraduate and graduate instruction in various areas (NORSU-BSC). As of today the present dean is Dr. Albert Albina and currently College of Arts and Sciences offers 48 courses which includes 15 Bachelor of Science courses, 30 masters of Science courses, and 3 doctorate courses (NORSU-BSC). Indeed, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is one of the colleges that have enormous population in the University. With the large number of population, one of the major concerns…show more content…
Firstly, dress code helps students promote professionalism inside the school premises. As a student, one should practice being professional especially inside the University. This includes the way one thinks, acts, and presents oneself to others. The way one dresses inside the campus explains a lot on how one would like to be treated and valued. Having a dress code defines one’s choice of profession which is the best approach in developing one’s potential to become successful (Graham, 2014). It also shows respect to the teachers conducting the class and exhibits reverence on the position of teachers. This provides a massive impact to the wellness of the student-teacher relationship as well as the values each of the 2 parties is receiving. Secondly, dress code also plays a vital role in promoting one’s identity. It is believed that the impression of someone comes from the way one dresses or acts in public. Whether one likes it or not, most people will judge one without knowing one’s life. It will affect one’s emotion and one may feel discomfort about the negative attention one is receiving. Thus, it distresses the level of confidence one has. If one dresses appropriately in school, one will have self-esteem in presenting oneself to others (Firdaus, 2007). Most likely it enables one to participate more in class and shares one’s idea with confidence. In this way, one will have…show more content…
This supports the idea that if one dresses appropriately it eliminates bullying among gender. This can eventually encourage equality for both sexes. A healthy environment aims to stimulate students to respect one another and equally treat each other. In a place where dress code is evident, respect is most likely to attain because just by dressing appropriately it gives the audience the idea that one wants to be respected. The sense of equality can be attained through homogeneity. In a school community, it cannot be denied that it has a crown that is a mixture of poor, middle-class or rich (Ghosh). If there is no proper dress code jealousy may arise among students and will have the pressure in blending in with others. If this happens the sense of equality will be lost and the feeling of not being better is most likely to exist. Secondly, this implementation creates a healthy environment to learn. The way one dresses can send multiple message to one’s audience ad dressing appropriately most likely disrupts the environment which lead to negative outcomes. It may hindered the freedom of expression of the person but it should be practiced especially in school where the audience look at a person as a professional (Hudson, 2002). Researchers believed that a

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