Blonde Girl Vs. Appliance Store

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Blonde Girl vs. Appliance Store A humorous essay is a type of writing that is intended to make the reader laugh. Humor is defined as a state of mind and the quality of causing amusement. This joke is called the “Blonde Girl vs. Appliance Store.” In the joke, a blonde girl goes to an appliance store, notices a huge bargain on a television, and wants to get the item before the sale ends. This narrative fits primarily in the superiority theory of Bardon’s categories. One day, a blonde girl is just walking down the street looking through the windows for things she might want. When she gets to the appliance store, she notices that they are having a huge sale on televisions. She says, “Wow, this is a bargain; I’ve got to get this!” She goes up to the salesman and says, “I would love to buy this television.” Then the salesmen looks a little confused, but quickly says, “Sorry ma’am, we don’t sell to blondes.” She walks out of the appliance store quite angry because she really wanted that television with the huge bargain. She goes to a department store to buy some…show more content…
Incongruity theory is when the story teller establishes a pattern that leads the audience to expect a certain outcome, but the storyteller delivers a completely different and often opposite outcome. We are surprised that how dumb the blonde girl is being when we realize that the “television” that she finds the great bargain on is really a microwave. This joke is also an example of relief theory, when we see how the salesman relates the blonde girl to being dumb; it makes the audience uncomfortable and wondering why he won’t sell her the television. While at the end of the story when the salesman tells the reader that the item that the blonde girl is wanting is not a television but rather a microwave, the tension is then released and the reader realizes that the salesman is not being as mean as the reader

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