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Have you ever notice with Reggae music that there is a nice rhythm background to it that make its catchy? For example, a Bass Guitar. It’s the main instrument in Reggae. With its beautiful structure shape and its smooth thick string. It makes me wonder how it was made and its history behind it before electric bass guitar was inventive. One of the well know band Bob Marly and the Wailers bass guitar name Aston Barrett also known as Family Man is a legend when it comes to playing bass guitar in Reggae. With his background story on how he became a bass guitar player and what make him came up with different technique to write Bass guitar lines. Its melody, rooted to the center of the bass playing lay to the heart of Reggae music. The Structure of this instrument in how it is made and played, when it was introduced to Reggae and its history and role in the rhythm section.…show more content…
The first one will be the Descending Scalar Bass line. This Descending Scalar Bass line is from the song No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley and the Wailers. The Descending Scalar Bass line is a scale step that features offbeat rhythmic and some neat pick-ups. As a bassist guitar player myself, when playing the Woman No cry by Bob Marley and the Wailers, it does have a offbeat it and the note does reply itself most of the time in the song. Following along is the Bubbling Rootsy Line. It gives a sort of sound and in this line has a forward smooth motion to it. The next one is call a Half and Half Riff with Melodic Hook, this line is like a rhythmic idea and a kind of grooving mood type of root note for the first half, then after that it’s a doubling a melodic fragment in the second half of the pattern (“Bass Techniques-Play like: Aston Barrett”). A great example a song call Waiting in Vain and Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley and the Wailers. It has a nice grooving beat that a person can be humming for days in their

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