Narrative Essay About My Best Summer

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Narrative Essay The best summer I had was when I was 15, had my teammates by my side going through Texas cities. We were a baseball team working our way up to go play in California for the World Series. We were excited and ready to play, until we got to Burleson, Tx. That’s when the journey ended. It was the first week of summer, and my team and I had practice , my coach announced that we were going to have a team meeting tomorrow to talk about our summer plans. The next day we went to the meeting and my teammates and their parents were there. My coach of out sheets to the parents and said “ I have tournament plans for the summer so we can go to the world series in California.” My team was excited and so was I. we have never been to the…show more content…
We lost the first game, but after that we won all the other games to go the championship. It was a team we played often and we knew they would bring competition to the field. We won the game and the tournament, the score was 10-4. They handed us the trophy and they said the next tournament was in Corpus. All the tournaments were every week, so when we got back home, we practiced Monday through Thursday. We get a break on Friday so we can pack and rest before we play in Corpus on Saturday and Sunday. We played for 2 days and again we won the tournament. We won all games and the next tournament was in Houston. We decided to drive to Houston on Wednesday because it was going to be a distant ride if we drove on friday. We had 1 more tournaments left and we were off to the world series. My teammates and I were excited and were ready to play. We all arrived in Houston on Thursday so we had a couple of days to have fun. My teammates and I went all over Houston to have fun, but they weren’t just teammates, they were also my closest friends. We’ve all known each other for a long time and we made this team in 2011 so we’ve been playing with each other for 5

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