Advantages Of Text Based Image Retrieval

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Since 1970s, image retrieval is an effective research area. Image retrieval is a technique used for browsing, retrieving, and searching images from a huge database. Due to the advance technologies in the internet and digital imaging devices has been explosive growth of digital images. So, image retrieval technique is an efficient and effective for maintaining large database. There are two image retrieval schemes: text-based image retrieval and CBIR. Text-based image retrieval can be outlined back to the late 1970s. The first annotated with text and then retrieved using a text-based technique from traditional database management systems. Through text descriptions, images can be organized by semantic topics to facilitate easy navigation and browsing.…show more content…
The difficulties faced by text based retrieval became increasing more severe. To overcome these difficulties, CBIR was introduced to index and retrieval images based on their visual content, such as texture, color, and shapes. This naturally avoids the problems of manual annotations which are usually subjective and incomplete. This new research direction has attracted researchers from the communities of computer vision, databases management, human computer interface, and information retrieval. As a result, many researchers has focused to develop many techniques of visual information extraction, browsing, user query and interaction, indexing, large number of academic and commercial image retrieval systems have been…show more content…
Most color features are based on the statistics of color distribution of an image. Thus, color features are generally quite robust to rotation, translation, about the viewing axis but, it can change only slowly with the scale, occlusion, and viewing angle. Color features are extracted in a certain color space. A color space has consists of a color model which has been used as specific mapping onto an absolute color space. Each pixel of the image can be represented as a point in a three dimensional (3D) color space. Commonly used color space for image retrieval include RGB, Munsell, CIE L*a*b, CIE L*u*V*, HSV (Hue, saturation, and value) or HSL (Hue, saturation, and lightness), HSB (Hue, saturation, and brightness) and opponent color space. Some commonly used color features: color moment, color histogram, and color

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