Comparing Betrayal In King Lear And Kurosawa's Ran

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King Lear is a historically renowned tragedy that is written by William Shakespeare in 1608. Despite being so old, the tragedy of King Lear continues to be relevant in modern society; it’s timeless and transcultural tragedy of the destruction of a family displays themes of betrayal, a lust for power and the greed that ultimately leads to downfall. Both Shakespeare’s King Lear and Kurosawa’s Ran display the theme of betrayal through their three ruthless children that are unwilling to give mercy to their fathers. Secondly from the destructive pursuits of the children through cupidity and avarice, the children have become dulled from their true virtues and morals making them dumb to the sympathy around them resulting in their death. Provided with…show more content…
Is this a sons attitude.” This invokes distrust between the father and son. Hidetora is asking a rhetorical question to Taro that leaves him hurt and flustered. In retaliation to this Hidetora insults Taro asking if he is really a son or just a blasphemy to the family, chosen to be a disgrace because of his greedy selfless needs. This mistake of his son, Taro; to show power over his father, enrages Hidetora so he runs to his other son. Whom he's given land too as well. Only to find out that Jiro also will not let father stay with him because he does not want to bow down to this powerless man. Hidetora’s children's refusal to give him hospitality leaves him in a powerless position with a great struggle to have any view of hope and optimism in his family or legacy. The reader is expected to feel sympathy for the creature and disgust towards the two sons. People of both Shakespeare’s time, and Kurosawa’s time, value trust and loyalty to their loved ones greatly. Gaining power by mocking and exploiting one is shamed by society. Shelley is most likely trying to inform people about the importance of devotion, and more importantly the unconditional love that comes with a family. She hopes readers will view Jiro’s and Taro’s “fault” as a life lesson that everyone has feelings and they should be treated…show more content…
From Goneril’s and Regan’s actions and sins to over throw their father they become so corrupted by the wrath they have inflicted on their family, that they become panicked and deranged influencing their death and down fall. In King Lear this is portrayed when Goneril has her sister (Cordelia) sent off to get hanged, and Regan poisoned. This can be shown when Goneril admits to both crimes: “[having] commission[ed], from thy wife and me/ To hang Cordelia in the prison” ( 4 . 3 . 270- 271) and Regans death “[…] (to herself) If she’s not ill, I’ll never trust drugs again”(5 . 3 . 160). Goneril becomes overwhelmed by her action’s. That when she hears of Regans and Cordelia’s death, she runs off stage and commits suicide. Shakespeare want to show the readers how every decision you make serious or not impacts your life on a greater scale, your wrong doings don't hurt others as much as they hurt yourself. The reader can relate to this message easily because as humans we will hurt our selves more then the person we inflicted pain upon, due to the feeling of guilt and regret of the once happy and intimate relationship that used to be

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