Heroes In The Great Gatsby

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Heroes come from the unlikeliest of places- Superman from Krypton, Spiderman a simple nerd. The Great Gatsby is no exception. From the depths of corruption and immorality, one garage owner, George Wilson, rises to the “hero” and terminates the affairs of the other characters. Heroes exist to conclude conflict, making the conflicts of The Great Gatsby fall to George. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Wilson’s actions directly influence the solutions to the novel’s conflicts, portraying Wilson as a hero. The first affair which George annuls is Tom and Myrtle’s affair. Tom, husband of Daisy, and Myrtle, wife of George, proceed to have an affair in New York, unknowing to George until just before the climax. There are two ways to dissolve an affair- removing an element from the affair through peaceful methods and forcefully destroying the element which is causing the notable problem. Whenever Tom, Jordan, and Nick race against Gatsby and Daisy in Tom’s coupé to New York in Gatsby’s car, the first group stops at…show more content…
While Wilson is looking at the car, Myrtle’s “eyes, wide with jealous terror, were fixed not on Tom, but on Jordan Baker, whom she took to be his wife” (125). Myrtle takes note that Tom is driving the yellow car today while George, hidden behind an innocent exterior, knows a conflict is brewing; George has knowledge of Myrtle’s affairs in New York and is planning on taking his wife peacefully away from her affair, not planning to

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