Comparing 'Chicago And The Gift Outright'

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As long as humans have been walking this great earth we have been searching for some sort of identity, a sense of reasoning as to why we are here and what our purpose is in life. Back and forth, we have a constant battle with our ego about what we believe is right and wrong, what is light and what is dark. We have our own individualized methods and reasonings as to what our true identity is and what has influenced us to become the people we are today thanks, in large part, to where we are originally from. Here in America, our identities and perception on the pride and views of our country are changing every day. In the poems “Chicago” and “The Gift Outright” Carl Sandburg and Robert Frost describe American identity by choosing various descriptive…show more content…
“The Gift Outright” is a poem written by Robert Frost that describes the beautiful land of America and how we were her people before the land was ours. Dating back to the early colonial days we can see that the people of the land were struggling to create an identity because of its connection with English rule. “Such as she was, such as she will become” is a phrase written in the poem that has endless meaning (Frost). One can believe this phrase means that America is supposed to be a land free of rule and a land of opportunity. In order to create this land of opportunity, our ancestors fought for separation from England and in the process alot of people died in the act in order to create the American identity and gain independence from all English rule. Frost does a great job in really painting a picture in the reader's mind and leaving it up to them to decide what kind of identity that America truly beholds and loves. Patriotism, freedom and liberty are some of the words that come to mind when reading this piece of poetry. Each line is a goldmine of discussion and opinion on what they truly believe the meaning of each stanza means. Some may interpret each line differently, negatively or positively, but much like America’s identity it is all debatable and diverse. The biggest thing that should stick in the mind of the reader is that this is a land destined for opportunity and it always has been ever since

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