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Best 10 Luxurious Restaurants in Los Angeles While you are on a trip to Los Angeles you should not miss out an opportunity to visit and eat the food of your choice in some of the luxurious restaurants here. Be sure to get exceptional service that will give you the value of your money in these expensive restaurants in Los Angeles. The top ten luxurious restaurants in Los Angeles are Catch restaurant It is situated on the beach in Santa Monica and it offers the best Mediterranean oriented cuisine which guests enjoys as they take the magnificent views of Pacific Ocean. Be sure to visit this wonderful restaurant in order to have a taste of the Mediterranean cuisine. Marsel This luxurious restaurant in Los Angeles serves California cuisine…show more content…
It sits on a number of blocks from the beach and is perched on the 18th floor of Huntley Santa Monica Beach. You should ensure that you visit this luxurious restaurant in order to experience the comfort that it offers to guests. Perch It is located on the downtown L.A rooftop. This restaurant offers guests with a menu which is quite heavy on the casual French bistro classics like savory truffle fries and mussels in the saffron broth. You will really enjoy the service of the professional staff in this luxurious restaurant that aim top provides guests with personalized service. Restaurant at the Getty Centre This luxurious restaurant is known to serve the contemporary cuisine with such an elegant touch. It also offers spectacular views of the wonderful Pacific Ocean. While in you are in this restaurant you will enjoy every minute of your time since you will get to enjoy the service of the professional staff as you also get to see the view of pacific Ocean. WP24 restaurant This luxurious restaurant is located on the twenty four floor of Ritz-Carton at L.A Live. It features the contemporary Asian menu which was crafted by Wolfgang Puck. While in you are this luxurious restaurant you will have an opportunity to have a taste of the Asian cuisine. Yamashiro

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