Classroom History Report

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Interesting history class It was the first day of my sophomore year; I was walking down the hallway when I stumbled upon my friend who looked like he was in a hurry I stop him to ask a quick question. “Hey dude! Do you know where my history class is at” I asked “Um it’s over there by the bathrooms” he replied “but dang, you have Mr. Rojas” he added. “Oh, what makes you say that?” I asked him “Well you’re going to suffer; I barely passed, like with a 60%” “Man… that sucks well I’ll see how I do” I felt nervous walking towards world history class because it sounded like it was going to be a tough class. I was about to find out if what my friend said was true. On my way to the classroom I could see the teacher from a distance. He was standing by the door, handing out papers to the students going in the classroom. When I reached the door, Mr. Rojas, handed me the papers and said “welcome, take a seat”. I sat down and waited for the class to settle. Mr. Rojas came in the classroom and introduce himself; he was a Mexican-American, a tall bald man with a plain face, though for his…show more content…
I also learned how to study better because we had long cumulative exams in history class that I learned new methods of studying for an exam. Something that became really useful for my other classes. For example, if I wanted to remember what the flag of Bangladesh looks like. I memorized it by associating with the flag of Japan but thinking as it an uglier version of it, because red and a green background doesn’t look appealing to me but red and white does. Long exams aren’t always a bad thing, if it weren’t for the exams in Mr. Rojas class I don’t think I would have learned how to study
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