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My service learning experience took place at Grace Valley Assisted Living. This option of volunteer work seemed close to home to me as I have had many family members that have resided in assisted living facilities. There are so many wonderful people in assisted livings, and I feel as if they all need somebody to talk and interact with. I am only one person, but I try and do whatever it is that I can to make individuals feel special and valued. Individuals, no matter the age, deserve the respect and kindness that volunteering provides. Activities for the residents are very important to keep them active and result in social interactions, which ultimately enhances their quality of life. The same activity was held at the same time, on the same day during each week.…show more content…
Every time they smiled and thanked me for listening it gave me a sense of happiness that they were able to share an important memory with me. But most importantly, they taught me how to listen. Volunteering my time in an assisted living facility was so much more than just helping take care of older adults, but seeing everyone as an individual with a beautiful life and wonderful memories that no one could forget. It taught me that money will never be my motivation for working. Motivation for me will only come when I know I am able to make a difference in another person’s life. As I pack up and leave for the day, an overwhelming sadness takes over me. I must either find a way to break the news to the residents that I will not be able to return to see them, or maybe just not see them as often. If not, I will have to find a way to fit it into my schedule as a priority. I feel as if I am fulfilled by doing this project. I do believe I got more experience out of this volunteer opportunity than the individuals received from my

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