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My BSN Role Model In my 14 years of nursing I have worked with many BSNs. They all have been great nurses. But only one person shines the brightest in my mind as my role model. That person is Lysha Moyo-Cook RN, BSN. I worked with Lysha on post-open heart unit for nine years. During that time Lysha became my role model. The reason Lysha is my ideal role model is due to her attributes and her beliefs that she uses in her role as a nurse. ATTRIBUTES Lysha has many great attributes that not only make her a wonderful nurse, but a role model for me. She is constantly looking for opportunities to improve her knowledge base. She is currently continuing her education to achieve her MSN. She frequently does in-services and conferences to learn the latest in nursing and medical techniques. Recently, Lysha went to Florida in order to take part in a three day cardiac conference that was being held there. While she was there she was introduced to new cardiac medications and new intervention techniques that are now available. She brought this information back to her fellow nurses and patients. Lysha also uses her critical thinking skills that she has developed over the years to help in caring for her patients. As defined in our textbook critical thinking is coming to a conclusion and being able to support that conclusion with explicit rationales (Chitty & Black, 2007, p. 190). In doing this she…show more content…
The role of the nurse is to provide a safe and caring environment (Selanders& Crane, 2012). Lysha does this by using her many different characteristics and beliefs. She is a patient advocate, educator, care giver and she is committed to her patients and to herself. In conclusion, Lysha’s attributes and beliefs is the reason that she is my BSN role model. I look toward her example in not only my nursing practice but in helping me reach my long-term

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