Personal Statement: A Community Analysis

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When I think about my role in my school, my role in my community, and my role as a part of something greater than myself, one word comes to mind: pride. Ever since I have been young I have always made it a priority of mine to participate and make myself known as a member of my community willing to help others around me. My personal belief is that my love for helping those around me stems from my personal experiences seeing the lives of those who have so much less. I lived In Bangladesh for 5 and a half years before permanently settling down in the United States, and seeing the struggles that many bangladeshi people face on a day-to-day basis is absolutely heartbreaking. Many of them are not able to receive even basic amenities. Many citizens…show more content…
I think this manifested most clearly in my involvement in the Circle of Friends organization at my school. The club is dedicated to serving the special education department and its students, by having its members spend time each week talking and having lunch with the special education students, and by setting up events for them to socialize and really have a "normal" high school experience. I first joined the club as a Sophomore, and ever since then I have tried to my best a shining beacon of hope and friendship for the special education students by always being there for them, and trying my best to improve their lives. I went to eat lunch with the students every week, and I spent my free time helping them come out of their shells and making sure they knew that at Spring Valley, everyone is a viking and everyone is accepted. From setting up dances to the students to help them have fun /interact to bowling nights with the students, I made it my goal to be the change that I person I wish to see in a community: a man willing to stand up and move in order for the betterment of the

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