Saint Mary's College Student Analysis

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As you may or may not know, I just recently graduated from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame with my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration while concentrating in Marketing and Management with a minor in Mathematics. Looking back, it truly was the best four years of my life. However, just like Vanessa and Professor David Laude, I struggled at first. Saint Mary’s College is a private women’s Catholic College. With that being said, I grew up being educated in a public school system, with both males and females and I was not raised as a Catholic. I was in culture shock for the first few months at Saint Mary’s and in all honesty I struggled on trying to fit in socially. About 90% of the people I was surrounded by on a daily basis, were Catholic including my professors, roommates and now friends. As much of a struggle it was at first, I figured it out and for that I have no one to thank but God, and my parents for pushing me through it.…show more content…
I strongly believe that students who have the option to be on a name basis with their professor, instead of being just a number to the professor succeed in classes. I think this is because they feel more comfortable with the professor, they feel as though they can reach out to the professor and the professor will know who they are rather than asking what class they are in, and simply because they are now on a personal level. At Saint Mary’s the professor-to-student ratio was amazing. There was never more than 25 kids in my class. However, I had one science lecture with more than 50 women and I can honestly say I did not do as well in that class and I believe it was due to the fact that the professor had no idea who I was; I was just a number to

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