The Importance Of Standardized Testing

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Standardized tests are the types of examinations that require the test takers to answer the same questions which include the same instructions, format, and scoring scale that can determine their education power relatively to each other. Some people believe that these exams are important for testing the knowledge of students before entering college. In fact, they claim that because they believe it can measure college success. As a matter of fact, having high school grades and high test marks can help predict success in college. Standardized tests can determine students’ performance because they are objective, fair, and comprehensive. In fact, according to Donald R. McAdams, who is the executive director of the Houston-based Center for Reform…show more content…
And indeed, scaling is a problem. No standardized test is perfect, yet we use them all the time, and to good effect.” (McAdams, 2002, p.23) In addition, it gives teachers some guidance on how and what they should teach their students. Moreover, it has the ability to improve education. However, some people believe that this is not the case. Actually, those people claim that the existence of standardized tests result in weakening the quality of education. In addition, they refer that it harms students’ learning. However, there are three main reasons that prove that standardized testing should become mandatory, the fact that it can measure students’ college success, its ability to improve education achievement, and its ability to guide teachers on how to teach their…show more content…
In fact, according to many researches we can find the reasons why these tests should become mandatory. Actually, Standardized tests can give a relatively accurate measurement for students when entering college. Moreover, these tests evaluate different kinds of skills which will make professors change the way they teach in a way that will help their students excel in their tests which will eventually result in improving education. In addition, standardized tests can help show the weaknesses students’ have which will help teachers determine how to teach their material in a way that enhances students’ understanding. In fact, according to Diane Ravitch, who is a Research Professor of Education at New York University, “In the past few years, we have seen the enormous benefits that flow to disadvantaged students because of the information provided by state tests. Those who fall behind are now getting extra instruction in after-school classes and summer programs. In their efforts to improve student performance, states are increasing teachers' salaries, testing new teachers and insisting on better teacher education.” (Ravitch, 2000, para.5) This quote from an expert in education proves that these tests should become mandatory worldwide because it has a lot of benefits especially for education and improving students’

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