Tutee Program Reflection

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Theme 3: Self-confidence and Social Confidence Their attendance in the tutee program developed their values and skills specifically social and communication skills; discipline, responsibility, and confidence. Two common things shared by the six participants that they owe to the Tutee Summer Program is the development of their social skills and confidence. Play contributes to the development of positive peer relationships ( Hartup, 1993; Rubin, 1990). Reporting daily to the workshop and performing with fellow tutees enabled them to build beautiful friendships. They were able to adjust to different personalities and accept individual uniqueness even at an early age. To cite, they said: Even if we come from different schools and we have different ages, we are able to talk about different topics, jam and play without…show more content…
Equipped with skills and talent they discovered and developed in their participation in the Summer Tutee Program, deciding to be an officer in the LabCoop was an easy decision for all of them. Had it not been for the tutee program, they will not know the existence of PHCCI and the programs it offer; their entry point to the Cooperative was their becoming a tutee. Since the workshop was only held during summer, becoming an officer meant a year-round activity for them in the Coop. When we conduct education seminar to incoming members, I feel like the guardian coop officers whose tasks go beyond for themselves but for others too. I feel charged and responsible to convince the newbies to be members and experience what we do with fun and joy.( Participant 3) Playing and competing during the Sportsfests with the PHCCI family was enabling and overwhelming. They rooted and cheered for us while engaging in the activities. It was really surprising.(Participant

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