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It was in seventh grade when I saw my worship team praise the Lord one Thursday night that I realized God had created and called me to join the worship team. God called me to be on the worship team to help lead others into worship and higher praise. In this paper, I will describe my Kingdom Purpose and describe how God is equipping me to fulfill it. I dream of the day when God will use me to aid and lead other people into His presences during worship. I also dream of the day when I am able to perform on stage and praise His name on my church stage. My gifts and abilities, passion and values, personality and experiences all play a part in getting me ready to serve God. My spiritual gifts are leadership and service/helps. I have discerned these gifts through a spiritual gifts survey. I have confirmed my gifts are truly leadership and service/helps by prophecies given to me, prayer, and mediation. My gift of leadership…show more content…
I have seen a couple of Christian concerts and just observe how they praise and worship God. Also, I have some astounding role models on my church worship team and I have learned plenty from them. Through this experience, I have learned that I should not be just be joining the worship team for the fame that I would gain in my church because then I would be playing for the wrong reason. Moreover, I have learned the responsibilities it comes with, such as how I should act on and off the stage because performing on the worship team is blessing from Him and not something I should take for granted. Furthermore I should always stay humble no matter what, once a person is not humble, they get full of themselves and that will be counterproductive if a person is trying to serve Him. This knowledge will help me fulfill my Kingdoms Purpose because knows I will know how to act when I get the opportunity to play and how to appreciate the opportunity God has given

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