Disadvantages Of Heater Control Valve

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What is Heater Control Valve? The heater control valve is one of the many parts that work to warm up the cabin of your car. This valve regulates the flow of coolant from the engine to the heater core. Heater control valves are usually controlled in three ways – with a manual cable, or the engine vacuum., or a thermostat type electronic control system. In case of a cable operated heater control valve, there is a cable to drive the flap located inside the valve. As you manually move the lever in control, the cable moves the flap in the valve. The vacuum valve does the same thing as cable operated system with a pintle and diaphragm although this type of valve is normally open. Vacuum is created by the engine through a switch in the dashboard. An electronic control system for the valve can be pulse width modulated (PWM) or controlled by a…show more content…
At times, the resistor can develop other problems and it will then run only at one constant speed. For appropriate working of the car AC and heater, you will need to get the defective part replaced. Signs that indicate problems with the Heater Blower Motor  The heater fan operates only at one speed and it cannot be changed  No air comes out of the vents when you turn the heater or AC on Car AC and/or heater are used regularly now to maintain a comfortable temperature and freshness of air inside the cabin. If the blower motor stops working, it can make the drives in extreme hot and cold weather or in polluted areas difficult. If any signs of trouble are observed with this component of the car’s heating/cooling system, do get the entire set-up checked. Heater Blower Motor Replacement Service by “__(Name)___________” For this service procedure we:  Start by inspecting the electrical circuits to check for power and proper earthing (ground) to the motor  Remove and replace the defective

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