Personal Narrative Analysis

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I lost my father in 7th grade. I was in basketball practice when the principal came in and asked the coach if I could come with him because my grandparents were here to pick me up. When I got to my grandfather’s car I saw that my little sister was there as well. I could feel the cold tension. It was almost like no one was breathing, not a word was said. I just hoped that whatever we were doing happened quickly because I was competing in a scholastic bowl competition later that day. We drove to my house quickly on the empty small town roads. There was a fire truck, several police cars, and my mother standing in the middle of our large driveway; she was crying. That was the moment I knew what must have happened. I was the last one to see him. I would bring him his teapot full of black tea several times a week, not knowing last night was the last time I would bring him tea. My father was 100% disabled from the Military and suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. He fought for survival: in the war and within his own body. He was loved in this small town in Kansas. After being in the Air Force for 21 years he retired and we moved from Utah to the town he grew up in. He became the technical director for the school district. I have always shared his love of computers. He also had a…show more content…
I auditioned for the Performing Arts Academy and was accepted as a theatre major. My love of performing arts grew even greater in my love of working backstage. I love technical theatre and stage management. Strong levels of communication, leadership, and organization are needed to be a successful arts manager. I think creatively with a business mindset, so arts management seemed like the perfect career for me. As an Arts Administration and Theatre Studies major, I strive to educate myself on all the different art forms and cultures the world offers. I strive to use my passion for the arts to the best of my

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