My Narrative Journey

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My incredible journey from 9th to 12th grade. How much I have truly changed and grown in these 4 short years. I feel like i’m a completely different person from the first day of freshman year to now. It was a very hard to get through these years and dealing with my depression and insomnia. Coming to the realization that my mental health is every important and cannot just go away if i ignore it. My first day was actually the second day of school. I don’t like going on the first day it's very overwhelming for me so I acted like I was sick so I wouldn't have to go to school. I’m a small person nervous person and it's a very big. So freshmen I stayed to myself. Somehow I still ended up making a lot of new friends. My first year was actually really fun and i thought that high was going to be so much fun. I learned that being yourself is actually the best way to find friends. Why would you want someone that doesn't actually like you for who you really are. My dad is out of town a lot so over winter break he decided that he would teach me how to drive. I was so excited I loved the idea of being able to drive myself and go wherever I wanted. Everyday he would take my out to drive on empty parking lots and around the neighborhood. I had…show more content…
She told me that I was lazy and never doing anything but sleep so it was time I start looking for a job. I started working at chick-fil-a in december of my junior year. It was fun I made so many friends and i was getting paid so I was happy. I worked a lot and it was making me sleep less. Some night I wouldn’t even get to sleep. I was at work one night and i was messing around with my friends and all of a sudden. I got really anxious. I had a panic attack at work because I was so tired and I want to go home. I didn't get off work until 12:45 that night. I tried to tell my mom and she just told me that I just had a bad day. That when i knew that no one could understand me and I was
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