Compare And Contrast The Colonies And The Massachusetts Colonies

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During the 1600s to the year 1700, British subjects journeyed to what would become the 13 original colonies. Some hazard the harrowing trip across the Atlantic sea with the hopes of escaping religious persecution and freedom of worship a part from the established Church of England. Others made the turbulent trip across the sea seeking fortunes and attainment of a better economic situation and status denied them in England. Two colonies that were established were Massachusetts and Virginia. An exploration shows some commonality but also major differences between these colonies. One particular common trait would set the tone for race relations for centuries. As they traveled on the Mayflower, seeking the Carolina Colonies, the Pilgrims arrived instead on the shores in Northeast that would become New England. Developing into what…show more content…
The colonists in Massachusetts, that should have been contrary to their need for religious freedom, were as intolerant, if not more so, than the establishment they sought escape. There was still a belief of the “elect”. The elect were the persons pre-destined by God to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Those not in this select group would be banished to Hell. One had to maintain their piety, devotion, and oral conversion stories to remain in good standing. Unfortunately, piety and devoutness would not keep from permanent separation from God. Ironically, Massachusetts colonists would show no mercy to the members of its community who were deemed different, odd, and showed any dissent from established beliefs. Being found lacking would result in punishments ranging from banishment to execution. Though, the colonists’ initial hopes were to convert the native tribes to Christianity, the native tribes actively resisted. Skirmishes between the English settlers and the indigenous tribes resulted in this deep racial hatred held by the

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