My Identity Research Paper

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I am a Mexican-American Latina and I am the daughter of immigrants. These facts, as simple as they may seem, have shaped my life in a way that no others have. From the challenges that my parents faced for my sake, to the obstacles that would seem to make my success impossible, these parts of my identity are vital and have shaped my perception of the world and with that, my view on education, and have helped me form goals that I actively pursue. As a small child, I always knew that something about my life was not quite the same as what I then believed to be a “normal” life. When I flipped on the television not only was it difficult for me to see anyone that looked like me, but the characters that were portrayed didn’t really face the challenges that I was facing either. There wasn’t ever a character…show more content…
One of these being that within my community it is rare for a great amount of importance to be placed on education and especially college, so much so that I had never personally known anyone who had gone to college until my own older brother was admitted. For the most part the issue is not that the people in my community are not interested in learning and furthering their education, but instead that they are often simply not able to do this. As I know from my own experiences, the financial pressures that come along with wanting an education can be daunting and quite frankly, too much of a burden for many families to take on. Not being one to give up on a challenge simply because of odds that are seemingly stacked against me, I decided a long time ago that even though it would be difficult, I would never give up on working towards my goal of going to college. This was because I had become fascinated by the concept of continuing to learn even after high school and learning in ways that were so unique that they could not be compared to what I had experienced thus
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