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Jashiel Singh 21513201 Final Essay This essay will critique the work of Margot Winer, namely her paper, ‘Landscapes, Fear and Land Loss on the Nineteenth-Century South African Colonial Frontier’. It will start by looking at the structural word technique, or lack thereof. The essay will then proceed to look at her opinions and research on the architecture of Coping, Identity, Affluence and Fear. Although the majority of the essay agrees with the work of Margot, there are some points that differ in opinion, such as the Architecture of Affluence being more than just a formal work, or the Architecture of Identity being something more than just the beginning of characteristics but a remembrance of what used to be. Concluding by proving that the architecture of the past formed the architecture of now, such as the fact that architecture of fear was designed to prevent Xhosa attacks and in this crime riddled South Africa we now live in, we still build in fear.…show more content…
So firstly I think the title used by Margot Winer was very appropriate. However, one of the flaws found on my part was the essay jumping from topic to topic, although the topics all contribute to the main factors, the order in which she speaks about the different topics almost confuse the reader. An example of this was the jump from the topic of vernacular materials in the second paragraph to the topic of archeology. I found this jump to be quite erratic. The topics do form a main conclusion, but Margot could have eased the reader into them a bit

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