Personal Narrative: Moving To Hawaii

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Have you ever had to make a tough decision in your life? We’ll have too, when my mom asked me to move to Hawaii with her last year. I was faced with a tough decision and I had to sit down a really think about what was best for me and my life. Halfway through my junior year my mom went on vacation to Hawaii to go see her friends. At least I thought it was just for vacation, but when she got back from her trip she started telling me how much fun it was, what she did, and what she saw. “She said it was the prettiest thing in the world, you should move there with us.” I said us? Yeah me and your stepdad. I said why would we move over there? She said “when I was of in Hawaii for vacation this last week, I applied for a job and I got the job and I would like you to move with us. I was so upset because she lied to me. I was so upset I didn’t talk to her for 3 days. She could tell I was really upset and asked me if I wanted her to stay in Oregon? I wanted to say yes but instead I said no. I didn’t want to say yes because I really could tell my mom wanted to go and this was a great opportunity for her. It came time to start packing up the…show more content…
The trip wasn’t just for vacation it was to see my mom that I hadn’t seen in 6 months. The plain flight to Hawaii suck so bad. I was crammed in this small seat, with no leg room at all and I’m not a small dude. To make to flight even worst it was 5 hour long. When we landed I was so excited to see me mom, not as much as my step dad then my mom because I don’t really like my step dad that much. I saw my mom from far away and I could tell she was already crying her eyes out. This summer was the best summer I have ever had. I did so many cool things while I was in Hawaii, saw so many cool things, and went so many amazing places. When I go back from Hawaii I still had a couple weeks left of summer to spend with my friend and my girlfriend, which I liked a

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