My Best Friend Essay

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#1 Who was your first Best friend? My first Bestfriend was Dezmond Eggers. We became friends in 6th grade and it wasn’t really till 8th grade where we became good friends and started to hangout. The funny thing is My mom and his Dad were best friends when they were in high school. So it was pretty cool to know that about my mom. Me and Dezmond or Dez for short are still friends today which is cool we dont hangout as much though. #2 What were your favorite hobbies and pastimes as a child? My favorite things to do as a child was really to either play with hot wheels or hangout with neighborhood kids who i became friends with sorta. But i also liked to play basketball which is still one of my favorite hobbies today. Honestly i did so much as…show more content…
My family road trips probably the most fun ever. My family has taken may vacations they were all to florida. So like every other year or every year me and my family take a trip to orlando florida just for fun. We would always go to disneyland also which was awesome if you ask me. We would also go swimming at the beach and rent a house to stay in i don’t know where exactly. #7 Who was your most Beloved teacher? I have many teachers i liked many of my teachers. My most beloved one has to be my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Walter. She was super nice and still is. She always was there to help which was cool and she will always stay my favorite. She always was in a good mood which was awesome and every time i’m at the elementary school I just have to say hi to her. #8 Which were your top three favorite holidays when you were a child? My top three holidays have to be christmas holloween and 4th of July. I chose these mainly cause there always with family plus there just fun in general. Christmas is my all time favorite though kinda cause of the presents cause who doesn’t like gifts. But I also like christmas because you get to hangout with people. Holloween mainly because i like to scare people and it can be fun for a good laugh sometimes. The 4th if July is mainly because i love fireworks there so cool to watch at the park kinda wish they would last longer
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