Why Did The Founding Fathers Created The Constitution

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Why did our Founding Fathers create the Constitution and how is it relevant to our country today? To begin, prior to the creation of the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation was the main document that the people of the United States abided by. The Articles of Confederation was not a well-liked document and therefore, it is not well-known today. This document posed many ongoing issues and challenges for the growing United States. First of all, it granted the states an overarching amount of freedom and power. The government held almost no power and could not collect taxes, enforce laws, build an army, enforce treaties, or have a national court system. Therefore, our Founding Fathers went through the process to implement a United States Constitution that continues to thrive today, being around for over 230 years. The Constitution was formed by our Founding Fathers as a result of the Articles of…show more content…
The Great Compromise allowed for a bicameral legislature that would benefit both the larger and smaller states. The Great Compromise was composed of the Upper House and Lower House. The Upper House, or the Senate, guaranteed each state two representatives no matter their population and benefited the smaller states. On the other hand, the Lower House, also known as the House of Representatives, determined representatives based on population, which pleased the larger states. Essentially, the Great Compromise combined both the Virginia and New Jersey Plans to benefit the general population. In addition, a document known as the Bill of Rights was also included in the Constitution as a way to encourage all thirteen states to ratify the Constitution. A few of the states did not perceive the document to provide individual rights to the people. As a result, the Constitution was not ratified until
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