Racism In Battle Royale

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Brandon Stoiber Dr. Holly Larson LIT 1000 20 October 2015 Title Modern society has progressed in many ways from the time “Battle Royale” was published. This story, written by Ralph Ellison, demonstrates how prevalent racism and discrimination were during the Civil Rights Movement era. The story starts with the protagonist, a young man, recalling his grandfather as he lies on his death bed. The old man is speaking to him about how he has been a traitor to his race but encourages his grandson to do the same as a means of survival. Later on in the story, the protagonist writes a commencement speech for his graduation and is scheduled to deliver it in front of the town’s white male leaders. However, upon arrival he is told that he will have to…show more content…
We may have moved past segregation and slavery, but people of color and low social standings face many problems today. Economic inequality functions almost like a barrier, unjustly separating minorities from the rest. Facing nearly 40% more exposure to toxic air pollution, low income families, mainly, poor people and communities of color are forced to live in undesirable areas, close to landfills, toxic waste sites, and congested highways. Even though these areas are cheaper to live in, there is still a dramatic difference in the population demographics. We can compare these minorities to the young black men in Ralph Ellison's "Battle Royale, who are oppressed and humiliated by rich white men creating an undesirable way of living, just as minorities in today’s society are forced to live in such rough conditions. Like the characters in Ellison’s story minorities today just accept the conditions upon which they live, seemingly, to avoid confrontation with…show more content…
census. This study uses hazard proximity indicators as well as a distance decay modeling technique, weighing each hazards different effect by distance, to provide a more accurate estimate of proximity based environmental risk than previously found in other studies. Liam Downey discovers that in 2000 black neighborhoods in Detroit were disproportionately burdened by TRI facility activity. Neighborhood racial composition has shown to be a strong correlation to that of areas with high proximity to TRI

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