My First Day In School

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6th Grade On the first day of school unlike most people I wasn’t nervous one bit. I didn't have butterflies in my stomach and I wasn't scared for the year, but there was one thing I was scared for…… If I had any classes with my close friends. I was so happy to meet all my new teachers that day, and see my friends after the long summer. I was ready for the new year to meet new friends and make new goals. I have to say right when I walked into the school I was so confused where to go so I kind of had to ask a few teachers I didn't know. I asked a teacher where to go as I ran into some other people in my grade. After that I knew I wasn't the only one lost. Going through the whole day was so much fun. Sadly, I wasn’t in the same advisement as some of my close friends, but I met so may new ones, and I have so many classes with my friends. For the first time ever I actually didn't want the school day to end! One of my favorite…show more content…
As a kid he loved playing checkers, playing basketball, baseball, and football in his neighborhood, and riding his bike. He went to Dallas Township for school and went into the Navy instead of college. He had many jobs during his life such as a grocery store clerk, worked at a restaurant, worked at Roberts Manufacturing, Revlon Cosmetic shipping department, and the Navy. In highschool he met my grandma Beverly Bunney and they got married November 28, 1968. They had a child November 14, 1972 named Andrea Denis Bunney. Later on he had three grandchildren, Sydney, Mackenzie, and Andrew. Big turning points in his life is marriage, Navy, working at PMG, and having grandchildren. Some lifelong dreams of his are having a family and grandchildren which he’s both completed. His Achievements in life is having a family. The person who changed his life the most is his wife. He loves the movie Old Yeller.You will never meet a better comedian or musician than him, my
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