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My Baby Ducky It was a warm, sunny day in August. I was at my grandparents’ house. It had been three weeks without a toy to play with, but my birthday was just a days away. It would be my first birthday in Missouri. With my birthday coming up, I had to go to a school at new school with four and five year olds. I was so excited because being at school meant toys and kids to play with. I had fun for the first day of school. A few days after being in school, it was my birthday. I got My little Ponies, teddy bears, a Monsters Inc. toy, and 2 baby dolls. I played with only one of my toys. It was a doll, Ducky, she was as big as a 6 month old baby. Ducky was named after the ducks on the outfit she came in. Ducky wasn’t just a…show more content…
I had moved four times with her by my side. She helped me pack my stuff every time I had to move. Sadly Ducky and me knew that another move was coming up, and this time she wouldn’t be able to come along. My last day with Ducky, I took her to school with me. I played her favorite games. My mom cooked Ducky’s favorite dinner. After dinner it was time for bed, so I put Ducky in a box with my makeup, beads, baby blanket, and a glass heart. Another year passed and all I wanted was Ducky. All I could think about was Ducky sitting in a hot box, with stuff I didn’t care about. Ducky sat that box in the storage unit that no one got into ever. She sat with that look a baby before it cries. When I was eleven my mom told me we got a new house. She told me,” Echoe, your baby is in your new room in the box you put her in. She is waiting for you in clean cloths.” I jumped up and ran to her. She wasn't a doll to me. She was my baby girl. I picked Ducky up. She was wearing a dress that was white and blue with teddy bears on it. She was still hot as if she sat in the sun for hours on end. She sat out to cool off for a bit, so that we could

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