My Childhood: The Most Important Place In My Life

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Memory of my childhood I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia it’s located in East Africa. I have a lot of things that makes me feel like a home; today I will tell you the most important place in my life is soccer, my Elementary school and Holiday. Soccer is the most popular sport in Ethiopia. Most of kids in Ethiopia started playing soccer when they were a little kid. I used to play soccer half of my age. During the school year I wasn’t allowed to spend time with my childhood friends or go out for fun. Before I came to U.S. I went to private school two hours away from my city. I wasn’t allowed to visit my parent or my friends during weekday. When I was like seven or eight years old; me and my friends play soccer all day during…show more content…
I was the only kids came from center cities. It is outside of the city from my house it took about 2 hours. For the first two, three month it was very challenge because when you came from the city the languages I speak and the languages they speak completely different. I spend half of my age with my childhood so, when I came the mission school it was different world to me. On weekday we’re not allowed to visit our family that was the hard time to me. During the school year, I woke up at 6 AM, I took shower and dress up my school uniform. The school cafeteria open 7 AM to 7:45 AM, I have to be in the cafeteria sharp at 7 AM. If I missed my breakfast, I have to waiting for lunch period. After breakfast we had 15 min restroom time that before we get in the class. At 8 AM the class starting everyone have to in the class by 8am. We had 7 subject period in a day, each class take about 45 min a day. I wasn’t good enough in school, but I like math, I like to solve the problems. We had lunch between 6 noon to 7 noon means 12 PM in American time. I had 3 best friends, we came from different places. I was the only person speak one language my friends speak my own language and 2 different languages. In Ethiopia people speak more than 95 languages. I came from in the city so, I speak the main language. My best friends, they were nice to me, every night we had bible school before we get in bed. One of my friend he is good in bible study so, he was helping me out, he teaches me about Gods. One of my friend he is good in Biology subject, two days a week we had study plane. He help out the vocabulary and so many things. Friday is big day for us because it is the last day of the weekday and our parents cames to get us. Before we start

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