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I. Introductory Paragraph a. (Opener) Every once in a while we all need to escape the real world and enjoy in life’s many pleasures. b. When I need a pick me up or an escape, my boyfriend and I head to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. When I walk through the entrance gates of Disneyland, I feel an overwhelming sense of whimsical energy. c. (Thesis) To me, Disneyland is a magical place because of their spectacular shows, thrilling attractions and their incredible attention to detail. II. (First Body Paragraph) – Spectacular Shows a. Disneyland has an array of entertainment throughout the park. b. As I walk through Main Street I can spot the Dapper Dans barbershop quartet in their colorful attire singing harmonies to a crowd of spectators. c. My favorite show…show more content…
Second Body Paragraph – Thrilling Attractions a. The attractions at Disneyland can take me on journeys through an exotic jungle cruise, sailing adventure with pirates, or blast me off into space. b. Every time I visit the park, I always get on my favorite ride which is located in Tomorrowland. Space Mountain is hands down one of my favorite rides due to its winding and whipping roller-coaster traveling through a star lit galaxy. c. In addition to Disney’s thrilling attractions, the attention to detail is what makes this park so special. IV. Third Body Paragraph – Attention to detail a. One of the most important reasons why Disneyland is so special to me is noticing all of their attention to detail. b. During the holidays, the Haunted Mansion is transformed and incorporates Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. On this ride there is a scene where there are ghost dancing in a hall with a giant gingerbread house and you can actually smell gingerbread. c. Last year, on my birthday, I walked into a shop and as I was at the register the cast member helping me told me I had a phone call. The cast member handed me the phone and to my surprise it was Goofy giving me a birthday

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