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MY FAVORITE BOOKS 'MAXIMUM CITY' Some books are to be read once,some twice or thrice but some books are such that you can read them as many times as you want,you still won't get bored.Today I am going to talk about one such book which I finished just two days ago.It's name is MAXIMUM CITY.I hadn't even heard of the books name before.One day I was surfing google for some good books written by indian authors and there I found this books.I clicked on the link and read the description.I liked the what was written in its summary and I just ,on a whim wrote down its name in my list of books which I was going to buy.Few months ago, there was some kind of holiday or maybe sunday,I don't remember exactly,I went to a famous book market in mumbai.Its a second hand book market with practically unlimited stock of books.You can get everything from Ayn rand to chetan bhagat in throwaway prices there.I had heard that it is a heaven for book lovers,I wanted to go there for a long time but I just couldn't find the time.That day the first thing I did was , I took my bag,went to khar station and boarded a train going to CST.I reached Flora Fountain.The book market is very near CST station.Its on a walable distance.Its on a sidewalk which should not be case actually but it is.When I

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