Personal Narrative: Life's Shitty, But This Class

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Life’s Shitty, But This Class Is O.K. I have attended English class three times now and so far I like it. Coming into it I thought it was going to be very difficult since I am not very good at English, but the environment of the class has made me feel much better. Professor Dortch (you? Not sure how to speak to you here) is a nice and laid back professor; she (you) make(s) me feel more comfortable about speaking out loud to a class. My English teachers in high school did not have me write much. Well they did, but they assigned me a certain boring topic in which I had absolutely no interest in. I believe that I did not learn much about what I like to write about; I guess they taught me how to use some phrases a certain way, but then I had to write them in the dreadful, five-paragraph essay. I…show more content…
She played favorites – and I – was not one of her favorites. She actually got knocked up by her psycho boyfriend; pregnancy finally made me her favorite for some odd reason. Well when she picked favorites she would make the less unfortunate (ME) feel like I was not worthy of her attention (like I even wanted to be). She would listen to what her faves had to say then I would share my opinion towards the statement made and I would get in trouble because I had to “butt out”. We were not allowed to have a voice so I just shut up for the rest of the year and of course she failed me for not participating. Finally got to senior year English where I had some crazy older man who loved to wear sweats and talk about his diet when we all knew he went to MickeyDs twenty-four-seven for a teacher. Nonetheless, he was awesome. I was taught over one thousand origins of many different words. Yeah he was nuts, but I loved it. His favorite book was Hamlet simply because he adored saying the phrase “I LOVED OPHELIA” while waving a toy sword in the

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