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#12 Hernandez, Alejandra English 2 Honors Period 3 9/21/15 Character Essay My favorite character in the novel Animal Farm is Snow ball. It’s because he’s hard working, intelligent and caring thing he’s an intelligent pig. He’s more worthy and smarter than Napoleon. As in the book page 16, it says “Snowball was a more vivacious, but Napoleon, quicker in speech and more inventive, but was not considered to have the same depth of character then snowball “ . See so he’s more wise and he's considering the “thinker” of the rebellion. This is because Snowball shows a great understanding of strategy during the Battle of the Cowshed, while his various committees may fail the fact that…show more content…
For example, it says “ Naturally upon the pigs, who were generally recognized as being the cleverest pigs of all the animals”. So that's why he's so intelligent. Other than him being so caring for for the other animals in the farm and watching out for them. Like him fixing the windmill for the animals in the farm so they can have electricity. Just as it says in the passage “ within a few weeks Snowball's plans for the windmill were fully worked out “ so he’s caring for the farm so they can have better things. s.First of all he's a hard working pig, he helps the other pigs and the rest of the animals with their problems. If there's a problem in the farm or something he's one of the top pigs who's gonna help out and give their opinion. He devotes himself to an intellectual, moral, and physical way because he thinks he can do everything. Such as when they ask him questions like as in page 17, Mollie has she asked “ Will there be sugar after the Rebellion? “ and he responded with “ No” and he said it clearly firmly. Its because he's the one they can ask questions and he will answer it as that's his job to be one of the top pigs. He also brings literacy to the farm so that the animals can better grasp the principles of Animalism by reading the seven Commandments, he paints
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