Why Should Schools Eliminate Standardized Testing

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As anti-testing activists say, “The resulting pressure [of standardized tests] is distorting education” as they “point to third-graders being coached on handling test anxiety” (Layton). Exit exams became a requirement for High school students to graduate back in the late 1970’s to prove that students have the knowledge needed for jobs in the future.(Standardized High School Exit Exams) Schools should eliminate standardized testing because it causes stress, it is flawed, and wastes schools money. To start off, schools should eliminate standardized testing because it causes stress to many students. Some students become so stressed, they actually become physically ill. For example, “a second grader from South San Francisco’s Martin Elementary School got so nervous about taking the Stanford 9’s that he threw up on his exam”(Wetzel). If students get this stressed about standardized testing there is a major problem. If students do not pass the…show more content…
Standardized Testing can leave out important life skills that students need as stated in the article Standardized Tests Do Not Effectively Measure Student Achievement “The standardized tests we all know so well don't even come close to assessing all the outcomes that students and teachers attain” (Harris) Standardized testing has many flaws to the tests itself and the way the test is scored. Teachers help students with the test and are even giving students answers to question on the test, “Teachers in 18 District classrooms at 11 schools cheated on such tests last year, according to a report Friday from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education. The report found test-tampering that included providing students with answers, reading test questions aloud and encouraging students to reread specific questions” (Layton). Not only does test tampering prevent schools from seeing a students full potential it ends up wasting schools

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