Personal Statement: Mechanical Engineering As A Career

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Ever since I was young I had been wanting to become a football star. My uncle and I would always watch Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football. I was really into the screaming of the players and the crowd, the hitting of the player on one another I really loved when the sounds of the helmet to helmet hits could be heard through the tv that was the best. I never played football when I was younger because my parents were teens at the time my father was 18 and had to work to provide for me and my mom, and my mom was 17 and she was still in school. So when I tried out for the Wilson Football Team and found out that I made it I couldn’t believe it because this was one big step to getting closer to my dream. I only played for a year then my knee injury happened and the coaches called me…show more content…
I tore my ACL and it was very painful when it happened. “The ACL ligament helps hold the knee together. It can be injured when a person pivots, changes directions quickly or lands awkwardly from a jump”( In my case the ways I tore my ACL was by squatting more weight than I should have not done I was squatting 330Lbs when I could only squat 290 Lbs, but my coaches told me to do it and I wasn’t gonna disobey my coaches so I did it. I went do without ease but when I was coming back up I heard a loud pop. They made me wait a week until I could get my surgery so I was in a lot of pain and had to take painkiller every two hours. But when I was in bed that whole week I really got into something I would have never thought I would be considering a career which is cars. What I learned from this experience is that to never listen to anyone else and do what they tell you because you are only hurting yourself, but also from this lesson I got an eye opener to a whole completely different world which I am now fascinated

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