Malcolm Bldrige Criteria Analysis

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According to Granite State Quality Council (2009), the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award was first awarded in year 1988 for the vision to sustain the standard of excellence that very useful or help the businesses or organization in United States of America to achieve or realize the world class quality. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for the criteria on performance excellence is the main reason for achieving the goals established for the Baldrige Award besides United States of America as this award is being established as the standard for performance excellence for other countries around the globe. The Malcolm Baldrige is awarded by the President of USA to the businesses or organization that prove the quality and performance…show more content…
The seven important criteria that make up the Baldrige criteria is the leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement, analysis and knowledge management, workforce focus, process management and the results. The leadership is the tool used to analyze how the senior executives sustain, escort and guide the organization or businesses in the management levels and address some organization legal, ethical, corporate social responsibility and…show more content…
This is to prioritize, develop, and progress what is very important to achieve the best student who will be the leaders and pioneers in the industry and can bring success not only by the ideas but also in innovation or creation of the new ideas which will be critical to success and to choose the best method for courses of action that will make to realize the ideas of creating the best among university students which can contribute to the society and nation and sustain the best possible overall performance. By applying the Baldrige criteria it can be an guidance for the university to make improvement in the quality and services, the university will do the right things at the right time and in a correct manner which will be beneficial to the University itself to get higher ranking plus it is also can make the change in the systems and the culture behavior of the students to improve in their study and extra curriculum activities. Baldrige criteria is the best systems perspective which will look after the of the university mechanisms with full and equal focus and emphasis on how each and every parts is being linked and the impacts with one and other. A Baldrige criteria helps the university to align and integrate the university

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