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1. What is your understanding of the business and the role? OLA Cab is India's fastest growing radio taxi company operating in 8 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata, Chandigarh, Pune etc. They serve millions customers every month through their unified calling experience and easy to use smartphone OLA app. Instead of owning a cab, their unique business model brings different cab owners and vendors under one umbrella and provides them opportunity to earn more money through OLA platform My understanding of the role is:  Hiring and managing a team  Plan growth strategies of the business in the particular assigned area/ city  Fleet and cab supplier management  Projecting OLA as a most preferred brand for venders and as…show more content…
Big vendors sign up: Approach big cab vendors and convince them to sign up with us. Build profitable relationship with business partners and associates. Plan and build short-term and long-term fleet supply for the city through them. This will be more beneficial as we can have more numbers of fleets in less time. 3. Single cab owners sign up: Approaching Single cab owners and show them a plan on how they can be an entrepreneur with help of OLA and also unique referral bonus plan for them 4. Financial support to drivers: Helping drivers with less investment capacity, to get a car-loan from banks and NBFC (it also helps to maintain fleet quality as they are new) and also tie up with used car sellers if loan amount is not sufficient to purchase a new vehicle Through an agreement we can ensure that drivers will work with OLA for a particular life span and will not be able to work with other competitors. 5. Encouraging used car sellers to assist drivers in car purchase at reasonable price and assisting with registration for commercial vehicle license. ** Point no 3,4 and 5 are also important in terms of business model as less dependability on huge vendors will keep the business least impacted in any hostile…show more content…
There should be an option in app that can enable the customer to enter the drop location. Drivers will have opportunity to engage more passengers who are going towards the same direction. (Provided both the customers agree). This cab pooling is not new as a concept but not practiced in India. Benefits: o Less waiting time during peak

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