Personal Narrative Essay: My Best Day By Alexander Zimny

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The day of Halloween 3 years ago was really crazy with my best friend Alexander Zimny. I was at home eating ham and watching the 100. as I was eating I remembered it was the day I was going to AIex Zimneys house i was supposed to go there at five, but at four thirty I begged my mom to let me go early, but like the mean boar she always is, she said, no so I went up to my room cried a little bit and took a nap. It felt like eternity before setting off on foot to meet Alex at the nature center, which is a small wooded area of the elementary school that has paths through it. I got there and I didn't see Alex right away, but he was moving around in the bushes hiding from me. I went over to him and asked him why he was in the bush? He told me…show more content…
Alex and was talking about how pointless school was so i joined in, like how we don't even need to learn English. We know how to talk I mean honestly there's nothing we need to know, especially the writing. All of a sudden we looked behind us and almost pooped ourselves when we saw Tyler Stahl he wore a black jacket and pants with holes in them. I told Alex to run, so we ran to his grandmas cellar it was about a 30 yard run from the nature center to the cellar. Tyler's face when we started running looked confused, that almost made me stop running. I didn't want to let Alex down, so I kept running. Tyler is another one of my friends from school. We hid down there for about ten minutes messing around with the stuff. There were pots and pans and a

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