Fishing Essay: The Best Time Of My Life

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Many people drive out to Chamberlain to go fishing every spring or fall. I went there with my cousin Caleb, grandpa Gaylen, and Blair Klaahsen. This was my first time ever going up to Chamberlain. It is the best time of my life. My cousin and I liked it so much that we said, “ this wouldn’t be our last time either.” The day going up to Chamberlain is the best. We get up around six in the morning and head over to get Blair’s boat and start driving up to Chamberlain. I saw a lot of cool things driving up there mostly wildlife. I will never forget how many geese I saw migrating. There were over a thousand geese that covered the sky. On the way up to Chamberlain we always stop in Mitchell for breakfast at a restaurant called Marlins.…show more content…
We went out there and hammered the fish. We also caught our limit that day. We caught the fish quickly so we headed back to the hotel early . Blair wanted to play poker so he taught me how to play poker. I got pretty good at the game so we started putting in some quarters. That night I took everybody’s money so I was pretty happy. After that we watched some tv and packed up our stuff and went to sleep. In the morning we went out on the water again. Fishing was pretty good. We caught approximately sixteen fish. I would say the trip was pretty successful. Now it was time to head home. I was pretty sad about leaving because I had a lot of fun and thought Chamberlain was cool. But, on the way out of town my grandpa took a sharp corner and hit the boat trailer on a huge curb. We had to leave the boat and the boat trailer up there to get fixed. About a week after we got home Blair got a call that his boat trailer was fixed. We said, “ might as well go back up there a fish three more days.” We packed our bags and left in the morning. We also stopped at Marlins on the way up there so that was pretty nice. This time my grandpa and Blair got a nicer hotel and this one had a pool. We arrived in Chamberlain picked up the boat and headed to the river. We caught about fifteen fish. After that we went back to the hotel, swam and went to

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