Personal Narrative Essay: The Best Day Of My Life

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There was blood everywhere, absolutely everywhere. You could hear the sirens from a distance finally coming to the scene after waiting for 30 minutes of just sitting there, worrying that everyone wasn't going to make it. Today was supposed to be the best day of my life, but we had to take a detour when an out of control SUV decided differently. I was really looking forward to the day that I got out of school for a whole day. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love school and I love learning new things, but sometimes I just need a day off. My parents make me go to school no matter what and the only time I have off of school is if I get to go to sporting events or if I go on field trips. So let's back up a few hours before all this chaos started. I woke up at 6:30 super excited for a day full of fun and excitement. I put on my dark wash jeans and the "Just Do It" T-Shirt that is my absolute favorite. I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and then combed my hair. Then I put on a little body spray and of course, put on a little bit of foundation and mascara. It didn’t take me long to get ready considering I don’t really put on a lot of makeup and I took a shower the night before. I had plenty of time before I had to leave so I decided that I would actually go out…show more content…
Those two boys were Liam and Nick, I really didn’t want to touch Liam at all so I made sure that Nick was the only one that touched me. Once we got down we had to get 50 feet away from the bus and make sure that we didn’t get on “fire”. I looked over at Liam and he looks kind of… sad? (I wonder why he would be sad? I didn’t even think he actually had a heart, just a really really adorable face.) We got done with our drill and everyone then started to get back on the bus in a single file line. Once everyone was in their seats John put the bus in drive and we finally started to head down the

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