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Museum Assignment I find it so interesting that a simple trip to the museum can have an impact on how a student think, not just about art but life in general. People tend to assume that art is just simply about painting, drawing, or sculptures, not knowing that art is more than that. Art is also a way one can express themselves, by showing one delight, beliefs, or even honoring a person or an event that toke place. Visiting the Dallas Art Museum was one of my most exciting trips. At first I dreaded going to the museum because I thought it would be a boring assignment, but when I got there I was fascinated with all the art pieces from different cultural backgrounds. The first art piece I came across to was made by a Plano High School student…show more content…
This art piece was created by two people named Michael Kabotie (1942-2009) and Delbridge Honanie (1946-2017). The painting was painted on a canvas using acrylic paint. When you first look at the art piece you see it at one image, however the art piece is divided into 6 pieces. Throughout the art pieces you see a lot of different colors, patterns and creators. In the first panel you see a lot of crops, animals, and people who look like they are Native American. With the first panel it tells us the chaos and dysfunction of the world on earth. The image shows the conception/the birth of every living creature. The second panel showed a man who was wearing red stabbing a man on the ground and in the background there was a church building with a cross on top of it. This panel explained the contact between the Spaniards and the Native Americans. The Spaniards brought the natives another culture, ideology and theology. In the image it seemed like the Native American didn’t want to follow there Christians believe and sought out to kill them. In the third panel it shows images of three women, two of them were yellow and the other was green. One of the ladies had a sun on top of her head and on the two other ladies the had a bowl on top of their head. They had detailed dresses and jewelry on them. Also one of the ladies had a baby inside her

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