Advantages Of Smart Parking

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INTRODUCTION AND INDUSTRY OUTLOOK Smart parking is an emerging industry. smart parking technology to better manage their parking assets. Smart parking refers to the use of sensing devices to determine occupancy at the space level or at the lot/structure level. Sensing devices can refer to cameras, counting equipment like gates at the entrance of a lot, or sensors that are embedded into the pavement of individual parking spaces, to name a few. Parking? One of the biggest problems of cities The solution for the cities of the future must be sought in smart systems. HOW THE SYSTEM WILL WORK • The sensor detects the presence of the vehicle parked in the parking bay and sends the datum to the parking meter or to a repeater; • The parking meter also…show more content…
A minimum of six months are required and budgeted for the permitting process. Competition from Manual parking Information system down Better locations Better technology Man power loss You cant the see the whole parking area you still need to search for empty parking space Mobile application is not as good as web application MARKETS COVERED The parking management market is segmented based on system components, services, parkingsite types, solutions, industry verticals, and regions Based on system components, the parking management market is segmented into two categories.They are: parking software and system devices. They are further classified based on their types 1)Parking software Parking software is divided into following categories Parking information and management system Parking payment system 2) System Devices System devices include all the hardware components used in a parking management system. Thefollowing are the hardware components: Parking meters Handheld ticket-writers Ultrasonic occupancy sensors Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) transponders Surveillance cameras and Digital Video Recorders

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