Argumentative Essay About Slavery

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Around 150 years ago, most countries, but 25 years later, it came back. Slavery is the use of violence and lies to force another person to work. Ever since it was used for the first time in 1619, no country is safe from it. It is cruel, inhumane, and an unacceptable feature of human society. These people who are being forced to work and being mistreated against their will for no money. They suffer twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. They live under control and fear. They are abused, threatened, isolated and treated like if they are just robots without feelings. Slavery started back in ancient Egypt, and hasn’t stopped since. There have been laws, articles, almost everything, but even then, it hasn’t stopped. The problem, is that…show more content…
These people who were mistreated, threatened, abused, and are still standing are true heroes. There are millions people who have suffered and managed to pull through it. I’m going to explain three stories. The first one is the story of Gowri. She was a mother who had little money and wanted to be able to support her children. One day, she met a factory owner and took a loan from him. Without her knowing, the factory owner increased the loan. With her having little money, her and her family, including her children, were forced to work for him. After ten years of being mistreated and abused, they are safe. The second story is the story of Gideon. He lived with his grandparents, and they sent him to be taken care of by a man to help him. Instead, the man enslaved him. His grandfather had little money, so he couldn’t get him out of the slavery. After one year of suffering, he is safe. The third and last story is the story of Elsa. Her father died and her mother left her when she was thirteen years old. She was in a bar one day and met a man and he made a deal with her. The deal was unknown, but she ended up in prostitution. She was abused every day, but after years, she is safe. You can see that in all of these stories, they were lied to, manipulated, and forced to work against their will. They were forced into slavery because they had little money and wanted better conditions. They managed to escape and are now considered

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