Dukale's Dreams Analysis

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The documentary Dukale’s Dreams was fascinating to say the least. The documentary illuminated the global trade problem and how it contributed to the implementation of fair trade organizations. The videography and narration by Dukale and Hugh Jackman illustrated the life of Ethiopian farmers. The documentaries purpose was to stress the importance of global fair trade and how it affects everyone. The author use of Hugh Jackman as a layperson’s perspective of fair trade aided the audiences understanding of fair trade, because the audience could watch the video and learn what fair trade is in a general context. Fair trade, being a layered issue, was a character in a film due to the phrases repetition and meaning in the film. The audience was able to articulate the importance of fair trade to not only the farmers, but consumers through the videography. The addition of Dukale’s family humanized the phrase fair trade, because the audience was able to see a direct representation of how fair trade contributes to a family. The tone of the film was sincere and informative. The author wanted to stress the importance of people not only advocating for fair trade farmers, but buying the products in stores.…show more content…
The direct authors choice reflects how strenuous a farmer’s work is to a person that has never farmed first hand. Jackman’s struggle to help Dukale farm shows the shift in respect between the two men. Before the farming, Dukale was proud to be meeting Jackman. After the two farmed together, the author shows the immense amount of respect Jackman fostered for Dukale, because he could not imagine working as hard as Dukale every day. The interaction between the two men from different worlds shows how contact builds understanding of each other’s

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