Confidentiality In Library Essay

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Introduction As the advancement of technology is taking place in library and information science domain. With the technology, the digital libraries have come into the view of the information science field. The technology has become bane and boon to the users. The digital libraries could provide access to more users who could access resources from any area. However, the digital libraries have created new issues for the users about confidentiality and privacy of the users' information. This information can be anything related to the user such as the type of information user accesses in the library. Privacy and confidentiality are crucial for everyone who is accessing anything anywhere in the digital world. As per the ethics and standards of…show more content…
This paper focuses on the importance of privacy and confidentiality in libraries, necessities of policies on privacy and confidentiality, measures to protect the users’ privacy and confidentiality, and impact on the services…show more content…
The library staff should be a part of the training process for new hires including student employees and volunteers of the library. The library professionals should notify them about the rights of privacy of library users and not misuse the confidentiality information. Even in a physical library, a user should be given privacy to be able to do work unprejudiced. Academic libraries can safeguard library staff from violation of users’ rights by the creation of strong confidentiality and privacy policies for users. When the library staff of the academic libraries is monitoring surveillance via video or electronically should examine these operations carefully considering the ethical and legal requirements of the user's rights of confidentiality and privacy (“Questions and Answers”,

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