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Mark Ryden: Grandfather of Pop Surrealism Mark Ryden is a popular Pop Surrealist painter in the art world who pushed the boundaries of art. Mark Ryden is one of the most notable, recognizable, and under appreciated artists in America. “Ryden was born on January 20th ,1963, in Medford, Oregon, but was raised in Southern California (Mark Ryden - Biography).” Though there is little information about Ryden’s early childhood there is some significant information about his father that one could suspect was where his early spark of artistic interest and inspiration came into his life. “Ryden’s father, Keith Ryden, was also an artist but he painted, restored, and customized old cars rather than creating his own art (Mark Ryden - Biography).” This may be the reason why Ryden became an artist. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and receiving a bachelor degree of fine art in 1987, Ryden soon began to work as a commercial artist. “In 1988 is when Mark officially became a commercial artist and started making art sleeves, or in other words album covers, for artists and bands (Mark Ryden - Biography).” “Some of his more popular and…show more content…
When he walks into his gallery and there are several paparazzis running around, spurting out questions, and flashing their camera lights at him he gets flustered. Ryden is shy when it comes to all the publicity around him and his art. Ryden stated one time that he gets “attention sickness” from all the ruckus around him. Ryden has received many titles and awards for his spectacular and dream-like art, earning him more recognition within the world of art. Ryden is even featured in several art or non-art related magazines, one of which is called “High Fructose” that features many Pop Surrealist artists. One grand title Ryden has been given is the “Grandfather of Pop Surrealism.” Undoubtedly, Ryden is perfect for that

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